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These are some of my favourite and recommended products and suppliers, therapies and therapists, friends, colleagues and business within my industry.

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Anita Gallone is one of the most beautiful souls and is the creator of Embrace Crystals. Aspiring to living simply and with purpose and meaning; sourcing and curating ethical crystals to facilitate this thoughtful, balanced way of living. Her Yoga sessions in London are pretty powerful too.

Life Coach Gloucestershire

Jose Abrahams comes highly recommended by me personally. He offers Ayurvedic Wellness Therapy, consultations and many styles of therapeutic massage such as Deep Tissue, Swedish and Herbal Pouch Massage. He specialises in pain management and rehabilitation massage therapy for long term illness like a stoke to M.S.M.E, Parkinson’s disease and Rh. Arthritis, and post injury muscle toning. Yoga sessions and Yoga therapy (Relaxation, Art of Breathing etc,.) and stress management techniques.

Send a message to Jose on +44 7742 732083

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